The case for adopting an older dog


Last year I moved to Dallas and started living alone for the first time. I didn’t take me long to run to the animal shelter to find a furry friend to keep me company.

I thought it would be nice if I adopted an older dog, since I figured not that many people are in the market for a senior mutt. I know. I am so nice. I am sure this and numerous other good deeds will come up when the Vatican is investigating my cause for sainthood. Belle was eight years old when I adopted her. It’s a year later and I’ve realized that adopting an older dog turned out to fit really well with my current lifestyle.

So here is why even though chubby puppy faces are super cute you should consider giving an old pooch a chance

1.- Already house broken
When I talked to the volunteer at the shelter (I got Belle from SPCA) she told me that Belle was already potty trained. This is really nice because apartment living + new job + cleaning numero uno and numero dos = no gracias.
This might not be such a big deal for some people, but I am glad I didn’t have to train her. Later in life I probably will get a puppy, but right now it was much easier this way

2.- No chewing
Maybe there are dogs that chew things until they die, but I think older dogs usually don’t care so much for your favorite pair of shoes or the cord of the expensive hair straightener you just bought last week. Nope, Belle couldn’t care for any of those things. Unless your shoes are made of bacon she will leave them alone.

3.- Lots of naps
Belle naps a lot. It’s probably due in part to the fact that it takes more effort for her to get around on three legs and she needs extra rest, but I think it’s also due to being older. She will get excited to go outside and loves to explore the dog park, but she eventually just wants to lounge and hang out or sleep. If I have to stay late at the office I don’t worry that she will go crazy because she hasn’t had anyone to play with. As I write this she is sleeping on the couch next to me.

4.- What you get is what you see
An older dog will be fully grown and you will get to see what kind of temperament it has. Belle was really friendly the day I visited her at the shelter, so I could tell that she had been properly socialized when she was younger. Also, I knew what size dog I wanted, and I didn’t have to worry that she might get too big. (I wanted a big dog, but not too big that I couldn’t carry if I needed).

When I told friends that I was getting an older dog, some asked me if I was concerned that it might come with health issues due to its age. This is the way I thought about it. First the shelter I got Belle from had her medical records because she was owner surrendered, so I was able to see what kind of care she previously had. Also, I got a free vet visit, and one month free pet insurance in case anything came up. If you get a puppy there is no guarantee that it won’t get sick, or that it won’t have a chronic disorder, plus puppies require frequent vet visits over the first few months to get all their shots. And finally, puppies eventually become old dogs; it’s the circle of life Simba.

To make sure she stays healthy as long as possible I’ve been feeding her good quality pet food for senior dogs (this makes a HUGE difference), I keep her shots and heart-worm prevention current,  I give her healthy treats, and I get her to exercise as much as she is able.

I am really glad I got her last year. She is a really good roommate (though she doesn’t help with the rent). So if you are in the market for a dog, don’t forget to checkout the older canines, and if you need extra motivation, you usually get a discount when you adopt an older dog 🙂 . Belle agrees!


Portland or how I spent Labor day weekend jumping into freezing water

For Labor day weekend I bought myself a plane ticket and headed over to Portland to visit my friend David.

Belle was not happy that I was leaving her for the second weekend in a row.

Neglected pet

Neglected pet

After a having a lot of trouble finding a parking spot, I made it to my gate and realized I had forgotten my book. I decided I should buy one because it was a four hour flight and there are only so many rosaries I can pray in my head. I lucked out because the convenience store not only had its usual selection of trashy romance novels, but also had a few random books where a biography of Dietrich Bonhoeffer was shelved.

DSC00011I read the book from cover to cover on the flight. I loved it.

I made it to Portland. David picked me up at the airport and we headed for some amazing Cuban food, and then we went for a walk around downtown. We ran into  a showing of Frozen and decided to stay. I might like the fact that there is a Disney princess named Elsa a little too much.


On Saturday we drove to Washington State to go white water rafting on the White Salmon River. I’ve been rafting before, however it was in Mexico, in the jungle, not in freezing cold I’m-gonna-lose-my-toes water. They gave us wet suits, and asked us our “bootie size” which meant our shoe size of course.


Wet suits are flattering said no one ever

And now you will have to use your imagination, since I couldn’t take my camera on the raft. The whole trip down the river was mostly fun. For half of the trip David and I had the front seats in the raft which made it scarier but more fun. At some point the river gets too dangerous so you get off the raft and hike for a little while. The raft goes downstream by itself and the guide catches it at a lower point. To get back in the raft you have to jump from a fifteen foot cliff into really cold water and make your best Michael Phelps impression to get back on the raft. I was not scared at all of jumping, I was really excited. On the way out of the water I lost one of my booties, and so began the not so fun part of the trip. My foot was so cold it hurt, but I tried to trick my self to thinking it was fine and remembered some BS about cold being psychological or something like that.

The last part of the trip consisted on going down a waterfall, and you had the choice of not doing it. I decided that I had had already enough fun, and got off the raft. David was braver and did the whole thing.

Afterwards we went to a nice little restaurant in a nearby town DSC00048

Here is this picture where you can see I got a camera with panoramic option I still don’t use very well.

On Sunday we had a delicious brunch at a bakery, and then we went to mass. I had braced myself because I didn’t know what kind of parish you find in Portland, and I thought we might run into some hippie shenanigans. I decided to keep the liturgical police restrained, and hope for the best. I was pleasantly surprised. The mass was nice and we even got to witness some baptisms.

After having body and spirit nourished, we drove to Oneonta Gorge, for a quick hike and more jumping into cold water


Looking not awkward

The last nature stop was a visit to Mutnomah Falls, which did not include jumping in, but did include some serious hiking up the hill.




View from the top of the waterfall

We drove back to town and had sushi for dinner, and then went home to go to bed  die.

Monday was my last day. We spent it walking around town. Our first stop was Powell Bookstore, where I got The Cost of Discipleship by Bonhoeffer since I needed another book to read on the way back.DSC00088

Later we had some bubble tea. We walked some more and ran into this


Glorified porta-potty?

We ended the trip getting lunch from a food truck. There were so many options, but I wanted a safe choice and you can never go wrong with Mexican so I ate a delicious  vegetarian tortaDSC00090


I totally have an eye for food photography

We walked back to the car, not without stopping to say good-by to Portlandia



And, that was it, I made it safely back to Dallas.

Have a nice week and…DSC00086

Weekend in Los Angeles

I had the chance to visit a friend that was staying in LA for work. It was a very quick weekend trip, but I still got to do a couple of fun things.

Friday night we went out for dinner and drinks in Manhattan beach. I needed to buy a new battery for my camera and my phone camera is the worst, so I have no pictures of that day 😦

On Saturday we drove to Long Beach. I thought the water might be too cold to swim, but it was actually comfortable.


Will the one piece bathing suit make a comeback?



After dinner we drove to Santa Monica to spend some time at the pier. I was really happy because I got to go to Pacific Park, and rode the Ferris Wheel.

On Sunday morning, I went to mass at the Cathedral. This building is only twelve years old. I am always a little skeptical about contemporary catholic architecture, but I was really impressed with this church.


The lines were simple and elegant, yet it still felt connected to the rich catholic architectural history.

Interior of the Cathedral

I loved the light fixtures

The interior felt, the way a catholic church should. It needs to point you to heaven.


And a voice came from the heavens, saying, “This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased. Mt 3:17

There were beautiful tapestries hanging on the walls of the church. Most of them had images of the saints. The one at the back of the church was my favorite, it was a depiction of the baptism of Jesus.

Before heading to the airport, we made a quick visit to the Getty. It is a large museum of American and European art. And it’s free!




Indulging in architecture nerdiness


The views alone are worth the trip

I didn’t have time to see much of the art, but I am glad I got to see the building and the gorgeous views of the city.

And that was it! It was a quick 48 hours, but still worth it:)



Erika’s Room

Happy Wednesday!
Last Monday I had to fly to Monterrey, Mexico to get a new work visa.

In case you don’t know where it is

I did not look forward to going through all the paperwork and interview, but it was nice to get to spend some time with my sister Erika. She just moved to a new apartment and wanted to do something different with her new room. I, being such a nice big sister, went ahead and rearranged her furniture while I was waiting for her to come back from work, and then used polyvore to create an inspiration board for her.
I spent a semester here in Monterrey when I was in college. My two favorite things of going to Tec de Monterrey were the delicious chilaquiles I could get at the school cafeteria, and the fact that they had wild animals that ran free on campus (and I don’t mean some of the exchange students). They had ducks, deer, and peacocks. One time I was late for class since I had to take a different route because a peacock was in the middle of the pathway, and when I approached him it showed me his feathers, and I was like ” Nope, I don’t know if you bite, but I don’t want to find out.”

One year the school prepared chilaquiles for two thousand students, YUM!

Anyways long story short I was thinking about that, and I thought the peacock colors could serve as an inspiration.
A picture from the school's website

A picture from the school’s website

So, here it is. I hope she has time, and some extra money to make something like this.
What do you think?
Erika's Room

Edie Rose peacock dinnerware

John Richard john richard wall art

Animal picture

Grey chair